4通道24128kS/s USB2.0动态信号采集模块 

  • USB2.0高速传输

  • USB总线供电

  • 24Sigma-Delta ADCDAC,内置抗混叠滤波器

  • 4通道同步采样模拟输入,采样频率最高可达128kS/s

  • 直流或交流输入耦合,可软件选择

  • 模拟或数字触发

  • 每个模拟输入通道都支持2mA激励电流输出,适用于IEPEC传感器测试

  • 全自动校准

With Visual Signal DAQ Express, the included time-frequency analysis application developed by AnCAD, ADLINK"s software alliance partner expert in machinery vibration analysis, the USB-2405 is easily configured to acquire data and perform analysis in seconds. Visual Signal DAQ Express is based on visualization of analysis function blocks, enabling convenient and quick construction of the required software function block using a visualized user interface, enabling complicated, multi-task analysis without any programming.

Visualized signal process and analysis functional block library

Visual Signal Express features a variety of signal process and analysis function blocks, including Filter, Mathematics, Transform, Convert, and Time-Frequency Analysis (TFA). These function blocks can be composed and linked to achieve multi-task analysis based on the data flow.

Real-Time viewer

For data/waveform display, the Viewer area can be divided into several sub-windows for multi-viewer display. Visual Signal Express supports channel viewer, time-frequency viewer, and X-Y plotting.

  • Visualized Time-Frequency Analysis (TFA)

¥ 人民币未税价: 12,000