JYTEK PXIe-69848

8通道14位100 MS/s高速PXI Express数字化仪

  • 符合PXI Express规范1.0版

  • 采样率最高达100 MS/s

  • 8个同步模拟输入通道

  • 14位高分辨率的ADC

  • 模拟输入带宽最高达100 MHz

  • 板载512MB内存

  • 可编程输入电压范围:±0.2V或±2V , 或±100V最大值(PXIe-9848H)

  • 支持用于高速数据流的Scatter-Gather DMA数据传输


  • Simultaneous 8-CH Data Streaming

    Benefiting from PXI Express architecture, users can synchronize multiple PXIe-69848 digitizers to mount a test system providing up to 64 channels in a single 9-slot PXI Express chassis. PXIe trigger functions enable all channels to sample simultaneously and synch to each digitizer.

  • Extra Buffering
    The PXIe-69848 provides built-in memory up to 512 MB for massive data storage, enabling users to extend acquisition for preset durations.

  • Flexible Use Options
    The PXIe-69848 provides a flexible set of input ranges from ±0.2V to ±2V, software selectable 50Ω or 1MΩ input impedance, a wide variety of triggering options and tight synchronization capability, all maximizing convenience of use.

  • Dedicated Attenuator for PXIe-9848