JYTEK PXIe-62590

3U 9 PXI Express全混合机箱,带交流电源,最高支持 8 GB/s系统带宽

  • 兼容PXI™-5 PXI Express硬件规范Rev.1.0

  • 9PXI Express机箱,带有1个系统插槽、1个系统定时插槽和7个混合外设插槽

  • 四链路PXI Express机箱

  • 最高支持8 GB/s的带宽

  • 所有插槽最高支持2 GB/s的外设带宽

  • 0°C+55°C的宽温工作范围

  • 用于10 MHz时钟输入/输出的BNC接头

  • 55°C以下400 W工业级交流电源

The JYTEK PXIe-62590 features an all-hybrid peripheral slot design, with PXI Express, cPCI Express, PXI, and CompactPCI modules compatible with every slot which give user the most flexibility to configure the PXI express system. And all the bandwidth of peripheral slots is up to 2GB/s, give modules the highest data through put.

  • 9 Hybrid Slots
  • High System Bandwidth
  • Innovative Cooling Mechanism
  • Intelligent Chassis Mgmt.
  • Portable Accessory

¥ 人民币未税价: 27,256