3U 19PXI 机箱,带交流电源

  • 兼容PXI Rev 2.2规范

  • 上架式19PXI机箱,带1个系统槽和18PXI/CompactPCI 外设槽

  • 先进的强制风流冷却结构设计,使风流统一,散热效果极佳

  • 通过BNC接头提供外部10 MHz参考时钟输入

  • 0°C+55°C的宽温工作范围

  • 智能机箱监控/控制

  • 自动风扇转速控制

  • 机箱状态监控及输出

  • 远程机箱电源启动/关闭控制

  • 600 W工业级交流电源

  • 电源、温度和风扇监控LED

The JYTEK PXI-62719A features an innovative design for heat dissipation. The cooling fans are placed in the rear section of the chassis where cool air is pulled in through apertures on the bottom and exhausted through the back. This new design gives uniform air flow for each PXI slot and exceptional cooling capability. When this chassis is installed in a rack, the new cooling design minimize the drawing in of hot air from the rear area, where all other devices exhaust, while maintaining a steady temperature inside the chassis.

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  • Innovative Cooling Mechanism
  • Intelligent Chassis Management
  • Flexible Rack-mount Design

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