3U 8PXI 机箱,带交流电源

  • 兼容PXI Rev 2.2硬件规范

  • 紧凑型8PXI机箱,带1个系统槽和7个 PXI/Compact PCI外设槽

  • 0°C+55°C的宽温工作范围

  • 41.6dBA超低运行噪音

  • 智能机箱管理

  • 自动风扇转速控制

  • 机箱状态监控及输出

  • 远程机箱电源启动/关闭控制

  • 5.9kg轻量铝/钢结构

  • 350W工业级交流电源

  • 电源、温度和风扇监控LED

The PXI-62508 has a built-in control board that monitors and manages the chassis status, including the internal temperature, fan speed, and DC voltages. Using the RS-232 monitoring port, these chassis statuses may be exported to another computer for remote monitoring. The control board also allows remote system power on/off and fan speed control as it is capable of accepting commands from the remote computer.

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  • Intelligent Chassis Management
  • Extended Operating Temperature Range
  • Silent Operation
  • Flexible Rack-mount Design

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